The director of the DNSC sounds the alarm regarding the cyber security of Romanians: "We will have, sooner or later, a national problem"

Dan Cîmpean, Director of the National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC), was Lavinia Şandru's special guest on the Impact LIVE show, where he spoke about cyber security, how personal information can be stolen and what we can do to protect ourselves as best as possible from such attacks.

Cyber security in Romania, a worrying problem

The director of the DNSC also talked about the collaboration with the state institutions with cyber competences, which are extremely vital, but also about the difficulties that the DNSC is going through. In addition, a big problem that the National Directorate of Cyber Security is currently facing is that of understaffing, and this may have repercussions in the near future.

"It is the same situation both in Romania and in other states of the Union. There are teams and there are competencies and responsibilities in cyber security, military, intelligence, law enforcement. We collaborate and cooperate with them very closely, who are members of the steering committee of the directorate, they practically supervise our activity.

But the most interesting and important part is that we manage to collaborate day by day, effectively our technical and non-technical teams are in contact, discuss, exchange information.

What can I say, and this is one of my great frustrations, however, I notice that the same challenge and the same problem is the lack of human staff, the lack of experienced and qualified resource. At the moment, I can say that things are under control, and we are succeeding with the great efforts of extremely well-motivated and extremely competent people in all these institutions, but that we do not forget that the risks, the attacks evolve.

If we do not succeed in a transformation of all these institutions, in the sense of having access to more human resource, a necessary resource, we will have, sooner or later, a national problem", noted the DNSC director.

Next, for the world to better understand all this, Dan Cîmpean explained what the directorate does and how it was thought, and the reason is extremely simple, based on the fact that no organization can face the various challenges of one alone

"It's a multitude of responsibilities. The directorate must be a hub, a platform for dialogue, cooperation and collaboration between the academic, public and private sectors. A lot of cybersecurity skills and knowledge are not in the hands of governments, but in the hands of companies, digital technology providers, universities, research institutions, incubators, these digital hubs that are increasingly emerging at the national level and European.

What is very important in the field of cyber security is that no organization, no institution, no matter how big, how militarized or less militarized, alone, in isolation, can face these challenges that we face.

So we need a whole ecosystem working together, sharing knowledge, resources, technologies, ways of working, and one of the key roles of the directorate is to catalyze these actors, to bring them all together, to stimulate working together , case by case, case by case, to counter the attacks, to raise the measured level of cyber security and so on", said Dan Cîmpean.